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Equine activities in Devon and South West for personal development with Hush Farms. Enjoy equine activities in Devon and South West for personal development with Hush Farms. Rediscover yourself with our equine experiences with Hush Farms in Devon Learn about yourself through equine experiences with Hush Farms in East Devon.

Time For You: The Equine Way

At Hush Farms we have two unique experiences with horses that will change the way you look at the world.

'Time to Focus on You' – a choice of either a full or half-day session, giving you the time to refresh, revitalise and reconnect with yourself.

'Creating Change' – taking that idea a little further, this 2-day workshop focusses on self-exploration and discovery.

Both options provide hands-on experiences with the horses, as well as focussed personal coaching from our human team. These are experiences that will stay with you forever.

To organise your special experience,
contact Penny Bond on 01404 549515,
or email

Time to Focus on You

either a full or half-day session and spend some time focussing on you.

The sessions are tailor made to your specific needs and desires, with an emphasis on finding time to relax and make some new friends. Whether you would like to unwind, or you're seeking lessons on life, you'll be surprised at the ways in which our horses can help you reconnect with yourself.
  • Find the essence of what's involved in being 'in the moment'
  • Realign your self awareness
  • Challenge your approach to various situations
  • Learn to better read the signals of others
  • Feel at ease to be in control
  • Get a little more insight into yourself & restore your passion for life
The Hush Farms 'Time to Focus on You' experience will provide you with unforgettable memories,  giving you time away from the day-to-day hassles of usual life. It's a genuinely liberating experience when the horses display real honesty and start to work in harmony with you. You're sure to leave feeling inspired.

Creating Change

Perhaps you're going through a period of transition. Maybe you want to change direction in work or home life and need to explore your strengths. Or are you looking for the confidence to change?

This exclusive 2-day course is open to just eight people. It gives you a unique opportunity to discover the real you and make changes that could transform your life.

On the first day you take part in supervised interactions with one or more horses. You’ll be encouraged to think about your actions and the horses’ responses. By trying different approaches, in a team or on your own, you’ll see how the horses interpret signals and act differently too.

After a night of reflection and conversation with your coach, the second day can be more intense. You may choose to revisit areas or explore powerful, new ideas.

No two experiences on this course are ever the same. The two days allow you to take time out for yourself.
  • Understand what makes you vulnerable and find your inner strength
  • Learn how to be heard
  • Explore how you are valued
  • Find a catalyst for change
The course brings everything together that’s needed to allow your personal experiences to flow – creating harmony in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual worlds via the reflections of the horses’ ancient skills in un-spoken communication.

Join us here at the home of Hush Farms, above the Jurassic Coast of Devon, or at an exclusive venue in another secluded corner of the UK.
Every session and workshop takes place in a private site, hidden away in the green depths of the British landscape. These venues – where you will find a peaceful place to retreat from day-to-day life to focus on yourself – are exclusive places that are often steeped in national and local history that most people never get to see. Perfect for creating a world of tranquillity, just for you.