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Rodenticides training courses in Devon, Dorset, Somerset and nationally. Save time and money and meet the new legislation for use of bait. LANTRA rodent management courses and training with Hush Farms

Rodent Management Qualification

Online e-learning and assessment Price: £85pp (+VAT)

Workshop Price: £175pp (+VAT) for the one-day course including your assessment

Hush Farms is now offering a new Rodenticides training course to meet the changes in law – with LANTRA qualifications, wherever you are in Devon, Dorset, Somerset, Wales and throughout the UK

PLEASE NOTE: you have 2 options for training – whatever suits you:
    • Workshop – join a group, or we'll come to you and do it in-house (full day: 10am – 3pm);
    • Online – a great way to do it at your own pace, from the comfort of your office, or even at home

Our new Rodent Management training course meets the changes in law, regarding the purchase and use of Rodenticides. We are one of a very few in the country who are able to deliver the one-day LANTRA certificated course in the Rodent Management.

PLEASE BE AWARE: Online proctored assessments are not suitable for anyone who requires assistance to read the questions aloud on their behalf.
Anyone requiring assistance should contact either Lantra or Hush Farms in advance of making any payment.

SAVE TIME by learning how to keep rodent numbers down on your property – and even how to eliminate them. SAVE MONEY on wasted bait and avoid the thousands of pounds worth of damage rodents cause to stock, such as grain and bales. REDUCE RISK to staff and to public health.

IF YOU ALREADY OUTSOURCE YOUR PEST CONTROL, you can still save yourself a LOT of money. This course will educate your staff in best practice for preventative controls, as well as raising their awareness to monitor activity and spot the first signs to alert management.

The legal bit: Changes to legislation affecting the purchase and use of rodenticides mean that only those who possess a certificate of appropriate training will be able to purchase bait of more than 1.5kg – most baits are sold in quantities of 3Kg or more.  This LANTRA qualification is suitable for anyone operating within the regulations affecting Public Health.

On this course you will learn:
  • How to avoid harbouring rodents
  • How to protect equipment, property and public health
  • How to monitor and record rodent activity
  • How to comply with Legislation
  • When to take further action
  • The most effective and appropriate methods of control
The day of training and assessment is delivered in a classroom environment and can cater for up to 8 people. This certification will qualify participants to purchase and manage the use of rodenticides (rat bait) and, most importantly, will give you the ability to save time, money and minimise risks to staff and public health.

Course detail:
LANTRA Online Course in Rodent Management - £85
Training and assessment is available online for Rodent Management qualifications at:

Online e-learning & assessment course - PRICE: £85pp (+VAT) 
Dip in and out of your online training course in your own time and in the comfort of your own office/home.
Training takes roughly 4-6 hours to complete the modules and is followed by an online proctored exam

Once you have completed your online e-learning and you are ready to complete your Online Proctored Exam -  just click on through to register.

Your online proctored exam consists of multiple choice questions. Once you have booked the online proctored exam you will have 3 days (72 hours) to complete the exam. 

A constant and reliable Online connection, via a suitable PC, laptop or tablet is required. Also, a webcam, microphones and mobile phone (with a camera, that can be tethered to your computer) are needed for the exam. Assessment takes approximately 60 minutes and you have 1 attempt). In the event you aren't successful first time then please contact us for details of how to arrange to re-try.

Alternatively, if the online version isn't for you then we are here to help you find what works best for you.

PLEASE BE AWARE: Online proctored assessments are not suitable for anyone who requires assistance to read the questions aloud on their behalf.
Anyone requiring assistance should contact either Lantra or Hush Farms in advance of making any payment.

LANTRA Workshop in Control of Rodents - £175
Accreditation: LANTRA

Price: £175 per person (+VAT), based on a minimum of 12 trainees attending, includes LANTRA training & assessment. (Travel fees may apply.)

Course length: one day

Course objectives: Legislation; Understand your responsibilities under the law and help you become a safe and competent biocide user; Interpret and use product label information; Store, transport, record and dispose of biocides and containers safely; Record information correctly; Identify rats and mice and the typical symptoms of damage caused; Identify the degree and source of an infestation; Plan, implement and monitor an effective control programme for rats and mice; Select and carry out the most appropriate methods of rat and mouse control; Understand the effect rodent control can have on the environment; Public Health; Site Surveys; Evaluate Control Options; and Control Programmes.
The training will include theory and practical activities during the day and provide you with an understanding of why it is necessary to control rodents, the biology and behaviour of rodents and legislation associated with rodent control. You will understand what information is required when carrying out a survey and the non-chemical methods available to control rodents as well as the current rodenticides and formulations how they work, how to transport them, safe disposal and the importance of completing documentation.

Trainees will need: A packed lunch, 2 hard-copy passport style photographs.

Please note: maximum of 12 trainees per instructor.