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welfare of animals in transit qualification with Hush Farms. Obtain an animal transport certificate of competence for short journey and long journey Animals in transit Lantra and NPTC training courses in Devon and throughout the South West & UK. Welfare for animals in transport in UK. Animal transport certificate for short journey resulting in animal welfare competence with either Lantra or NPTC certificate

Welfare of Animals in Transit Courses

Training and/or exams are now available online. Please call us for details including prices

At Hush Farms, we can take you through both the Short Journey and Long Journey Qualifications for the Welfare of Animals in Transit - wherever you are based, UK or EU (English language options only at present).

Training is available online for Short Journey (Animals) at:

PRICE: £68pp (+VAT) 
Dip in and out of your online training course in your own time and in the comfort of your own office/home.

Online proctored exams (short or long journeys - Animals and/or BIRDS) are available for those with constant and strong internet connection, using the camera and microphone on your camera to record you while you answer the multiple choice questions.
PRICE: £125pp (+VAT)
This price includes your certificate and registration.

Practical Assessment for Long Journeys 
Prices from: £450pp (+VAT)
(Travel fees may apply) Discounts may be applicable for multiple participants

Call or email us to request a registration form to book your exams.
PLEASE BE AWARE: Online proctored assessments are not suitable for anyone who requires assistance to read the questions aloud on their behalf.
Anyone requiring assistance should contact either Lantra or Hush Farms in advance of making any payment.

Alternatively, if the online version isn't for you then we are here to help you find what works best for you.

The legal bit: From January 2008, drivers and attendants using road vehicles for transporting farm animals, horses and birds in connection with an economic activity for distances exceeding 65Km, will need an animal transport certificate of competence to comply with the law. The LANTRA certificate will enable drivers, attendants and market assembly staff to meet this requirement. 

For more details on the regulations for the Welfare of Animals in Transit look at the Animal Plant and Health Agency (AHPA) website: 
OR contact your local office for Trading Standards

Course Detail:
Short Journeys - Prices from £68pp + VAT
Accreditation: LANTRA

Farm AnimalsOR Birds/Poultry – from £175 per person (+VAT), based on a minimum of 12 people attending a workshop (travel fees may apply for courses to take place at your site)
OR Book your online learning course at:
£68 + VAT
Your online learning course is estimated to take up to three hours to complete all modules but the beauty of it is you can dip in and out, learn at your own pace with up to a whole year to complete the course.

Prices include: registration and LANTRA certification.
A separate charge for travel fees may apply for workshops delivered at your sites.
Workshop style courses can cater for up to 12 people per instructor.

Online Proctored Exams: Price £125pp + VAT
a.) 25 multiple choice questions (BIRDS)
b.) 25 multiple choice questions (all animals not including birds) AND 5 questions for each of the five species of animals (Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Pigs)
Question papers are timed.

Test fees are per candidate, not per species, so you may take all farm animal species (cattle, sheep, pigs, horses, goats) for the one price. If you prefer, you don't have to answer all of the different animal species - it's your choice whether you answer questions for just one species of animal, or up to all five of them. 

Birds/Poultry: This paper-based multiple choice paper consists of 25 questions. 

To take the tests you will need to complete a registration form and return this to Hush Farms with your payment. We will do our best to be available within 24 hours of your request (weekdays only). Registration for the animal transport certificate can only proceed upon receipt of your details and full payment.

Completed test papers are independently assessed by LANTRA, whether it's paper based, or an online proctored exam. Lantra will also issue the nationally recognised animal transport Certificate of Competence. You will usually be notified of your result within 10 working days.

The great news is that this qualification lasts your lifetime (this is according to Regulations at the time of publication on our website).

Please note: You do not need to hold a driving licence to sit the test, but you must be at least 16yrs old.
PLEASE BE AWARE: Online proctored assessments are not suitable for anyone who requires assistance to read the questions aloud on their behalf.
Anyone requiring assistance should contact either Lantra or Hush Farms in advance of making any payment.

NPTC assessments are available, please contact us for details and prices.

Long Journeys - Prices from £450 + VAT
Accreditation: LANTRA & NPTC

Prices: £450pp + VAT  (travel fees may apply)
At your site: includes theory exam (multiple choice question paper) and practical assessment
A preparatory coaching session can be arranged either online or at your site - please ask for details.

Practical assessment:
Practical assessments involve approx. 2 hours for up to 2 species of livestock. Your assessment can involve additional species - please ask for details. It involves handling, loading and transporting the livestock a short distance on the public highway.
Course length: dependent on requirements

** PLEASE NOTE: You do NOT need the Short Journey qualification in order to take the Long Journey course **

These qualifications satisfy government legislation for the purposes of Trading Standards and HSE relating to the Welfare of Animals in Transit at the time of publication.

The Long Journey LANTRA certificate is species specific (i.e. you must hold a sheep category to move sheep, horse category to move horses, pig category to move pigs, etc).

Depending upon which species you intend to transport, you first need to complete either Unit 1 (farm animals and horses) or Unit 2 (birds/poultry). 

The Long Journey practical test involves taking an oral/practical assessment for either Unit 3 (Attendant) or Unit 4 (Driver). These will normally be conducted at your place of work using, for Unit 3, a representative animal species to load, OR for Unit 4, loading and transporting in the vehicle you would normally use. You will also be examined orally on your knowledge of relevant current regulations and documentation for long journey transport, welfare and animal rest stop responsibilities, as well as your practical ability to handle appropriately and/or transport the animal species concerned.

You are advised that under current animal welfare transport legislation, you are responsible for ensuring the vehicle has a valid inspection certificate where needed and that you possess a full and current UK driving licence. Training is not compulsory, but you should be familiar with all relevant animal transport welfare regulations prior to the test. 

The test is not intended to assess your competency to drive on the public highways, only with regard to the welfare of any animals in transit, in your care.

Alternatively, NPTC assessments are available, please contact us for details and prices.