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Equine assisted coaching for corporate training to develop team and leadership skills. Equine assisted training with Hush Farms in Devon, London and the UK. Corporate training days at Hush Farms in East Devon. Equine assisted coaching for corporate days. Equine assisted coaching for businesses in the UK.

Equine Assisted Coaching

Equine Assisted Coaching is a proven experiential training method, delivering valuable leadership, team building and well-being experiences that translate directly back to the workplace.

Horses have sensing abilities that are far more developed than our own. They don't do role play and they don't care what your job title is. What influences the behaviour of the horse is our ability to communicate, work together in effective teams or show true leadership abilities.

This renowned programme will help to bring fresh perspective and new insight to your team and
practical opportunities for them to try new skills before applying them in the workplace.

Join us for Equine Assisted Coaching, on full or half days, in Devon, or at a location that works best for you. 
Horse and Coach
Through work with the horses and our coaches, both individuals and teams can explore the un-spoken concerns that influence personal effectiveness.  

The support of our executive, business and transition coaching reinforces learning and can be held at a range of venues for your convenience. We can even come to your workplace for one-to-one support.  

Horse personalities – this involves appreciating individuals for who they are. Learn how to build a strong relationship and how to lead someone through any challenge.  

Observation – the first steps are to heighten levels of awareness and to contemplate the world from a different perspective. Your eyes will be opened to change how your personal energy levels influence those around you.

Power of language – find ways to make yourself heard without being forceful, aggressive or opinionated. But first, learn to ask the right questions in a way that opens conversation – creating powerful relationships, at work and at home.  

Shaping success – discover how to make the important choices that lead to your ultimate goals.
Leadership & Development
Working with a group of horses is an ideal way to gain insight into group dynamics, leadership and difference. Observing a herd is experiencing the original social network – becoming part of it shifts the dynamics, and this is where you really find out about you! 

We show how understanding others starts with self-reflection, and how new insights can be applied effectively with immediate results.

We work with you to ensure that each moment you spend with us is directly relevant to what you want to achieve. We design the content to meet your needs, and will take time to learn about individuals prior to arrival.
Authentic Communication
Where "First Impressions Count”, whether it’s under pressure of working with new groups of people, or in the arena of meeting with colleagues, suppliers, or clients, it can sometimes prove testing to stay true to yourself and your personal values. 

Our equine partners know a thing or two about how to make a good, lasting first impression and how to build memorable relationships, earning them the badge to coach humans on the topic. The one thing they are most perceptive about, however, is in recognising the authentic communication – if you don’t mean it, or believe, it you can be certain they won’t either.
Power-Play at Work
The field is one big office. Horses are herd animals and evolution has seen them develop an instinct to foster good working relationships either to get things done or to get ahead. Horses figure out how to get the better tasting grass, or be the first to taste the fresh water.

Whether it’s with horses or humans, we need to actively and consciously engage in office, or herd, politics if we’re to avoid being isolated.

Horses help you to explore two common approaches to office politics – one that exposes the irresistibly likeable "colleague” who doesn't appear to have a manipulative bone in their bodies - they always seem to get people to gladly cooperate on projects. The other reveals how the games of office politics leave you with an uncomfortable and insincere feeling.

The power involved in engaging with horses is so subtle when you know how it works, it will help you to gain great insights in to Power-Play at work. Take this opportunity, in the safety of a non-confrontational environment, to eliminate any mis-perceptions and to re-evaluate your own motivations and tactics.