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Outdoor & Equine assisted learning with Hush Farms based in East Devon. Equine assisted learning activities, taught by Hush Farms in Devon and throughout the South West of England. Teaching Equine assisted learning with Hush Farms in Devon, South West.

Practising Equine Assisted Activities

Price: from £125 per person (+VAT), for a one-day course. Shorter sessions and individual sessions are also available - call to discuss what suits you best.

At Hush Farms we provide courses for anyone interested in delivering Outdoor and Equine Assisted Activities: Therapy, Learning or Coaching. 

It's perfect if you're considering working with horses, ponies, donkeys, or even mules, in the world of equine assisted activities. 

For anyone who is already practicing in this field, you'll find our workshops will give you a whole host of ideas for working with clients – all assisted by the professional support of an experienced team.

Course Detail:
Equine Assisted Activities: Corporate Clients

Training only,
 with a Hush Farms Certificate of Attendance on completion

Price: from £125 per person, based on a minimum of 8 people

Course length: one day

Course objectives: Working with corporate clients can be made extremely powerful if you have the basics of the business world at your fingertips.

Penny Bond, MBA, is highly qualified and experienced at transforming the performance of business owners, managers and their workforce, to help them create a successful venture. She'll share some top tips and tactics that you can take away to practice with your clients – you'll finish the day knowing that they'll be amazed at the speed and power with which you can deliver results.

Whatever your role within the equine assisted activities world, you'll find this workshop helps you to understand the issues affecting businesses. Which means you'll be able to find a quick way to demonstrate this with clarity, to your own clients, through activities and simple questioning.

We will need: A class room for half a day (or a covered area with seating and a power point); horses or ponies for a practical session for half a day.

Equine Assisted Activities: Working with PTSD

Training only,
 with a Hush Farms Certificate of Attendance on completion

Price: from £125 per person, based on a minimum of 8 people

Course length: one day

Course objectives: Most veterans of the armed forces visiting Hush Farms tell us that they don’t want talk therapy. It's highly understandable. Horses, though, make brilliant therapists. 

A soldier’s relationship with a horse can provide emotional insights and self-understanding. Healing happens in nature, especially for the military who have a profound appreciation for their natural surroundings. Across the board, veteran participants have said they've never found a group or individual session so useful and life-changing, and that they have found hope (just take a look at their testimonials).

During this course, we'll give you an overview of suitable sessions for veterans, working from Hush Farms' many years experience of supporting ex-military. The content includes: focusing on coping resources, resilience and anger management. 

We will need: A class room for half a day (or a covered area with seating and a power point); horses or ponies for a practical session for half a day.

Demonstrations: Group Events & Conferences

Training only,
 with a Hush Farms Certificate of Attendance on completion

Price: varies depending on location, duration and resources required 

Course length: sessions from 1 hour + 

Course objectives: Hush Farms provides demonstrations, around the UK, of all outdoor-based learning and therapy – whether with sheep, horses, or wood crafts and hobbies, to name just a few.

Examples of this include equestrian groups, as well as NHS, Forestry Commission and countryside associations.

Demonstrations are practical, or classroom-based and are always interactive with the audience – informing, educating and entertaining at the same time. The unique qualities of this work are guaranteed to raise the profile of your event and are renowned for attracting media attention at local, regional and national levels.

HOW TO: Deliver Equine Assisted Activities

If you'd like to find out more about how to get involved in delivering Equine Assisted Activities, or you're trying to decide if it's something you want to do, the table below gives you some questions to consider.

There are many different organisations offering training and qualifications for Equine Assisted Practices. We'd like to help you to find out which one is best for your situation. If you'd like to find out more, why not join in the one-day workshop run by Tina (Equichanics) for an Introduction to Equine Assisted Activities?

Topic to explore

What does this mean for me?

What will I do to make it work for me?





  • When do I want to get started?
  • How long will it take to train and qualify?
  • What other resources do we need?
  • How long will it take to build a reputation?



Optimum time delivering Equine assisted activities per week/month/year

  • What other commitments do I have to consider?





Clients needs:

a) Learning / Education sector – curriculum & qualifications

b) Therapy – well-being

c) Therapy – psychotherapy, counselling, specialist needs, other for mental health support

d) Coaching – personal development

  • Who do I want to work with?
  • Why?
  • Who do I have the knowledge, experience and skills to work with?
  • Which of these client types are located near enough to travel to my services and are there adequate numbers for my interest/purpose?
  • Which qualification will best suit the needs of my clients – do they want:

i. Spiritual guidance?

ii. Professional mental health service?

iii. Personal development?

iv. Corporate Professional Development?

v. Qualifications/UK educational curriculum?

vi. Do I / clients want a team approach?

vii. Will they supply the mental health professional support, or do they need me to provide this?

viii. What level of business knowledge/qualifications do corporate clients need (ie MBA, ILM, IOD Cert Directorship)?

ix. Do Corporate clients need any specialist knowledge such as NLP?

x. How does anyone else complement my skills, experience and resources?




  • Do I, or any of my team, need to learn about horsemanship to be capable of delivering the service?
  • If so, what do we need to learn and in what timescale?
  • Do we need to speak with the referral organisations to find out what they expect?

  • Where can we learn this?

  • What time is needed?

  • Can we self-fund / how do we finance this learning?

  • Is it available online/video/one-to-one/group sessions?

  • What qualifications, or experience do the trainers need to possess?




Mental Health Services

  • Do we need to involve mental health professionals to deliver the service?
  • Why?
  • If so, what qualifications do they need to have?
  • What experience must they possess?
  • Where can I check their profile/background/cv?
  • Do I need to speak with the referral organisations to find out what they expect?

  • Where can I find them?

  • How do I select the right person for me?


Horses & ponies

  • Are they a suitable size for my chosen clients?
  • Is their breed, or nature appropriate?
  • Is their daily environment suitable for clients to mix with the horses?
  • How do they cope with changing environments / travelling?



Indoor / outdoor

  • Do we need to cater for all weather provision and if so, what does this require?
  • What are the pros & cons to working indoors/outdoors with clients with the horses?



Funding for clients








- legal

- finance

- people / skills

- insurance

- marketing

- property / physical resources

- transport / travel






Marketing & promotion

- Geography – location of paying clients

- Website

- Social media

- Networking

- Word of mouth recommendations

- Charitable organisations to refer clients

- Promotional events / launch

- Other